How to Expand Your Ecommerce Business to International Clients?

Once your e-commerce business has been launched and is running successfully in your native country, you may expand it to international clients. But before you begin, there are a few parameters and multiple team members as well as corporations that you must meet and collaborate with to help your business transition smoothly.


Choosing a Reliable Shipping Company


Finding and working with a good shipping company is imperative for establishing an online business. The pandemic escalated cross-border sales by 21% from 21st January to 14th June. It is estimated that across the country sales will continue increasing. Thus your 2021 e-commerce business strategy should contain a framework for reaching out to international clients. This is only possible if you have a reliable shipping company. Look for one according to your budget – basic services include drop-shipping, notifying when the shipment has arrived and better invoice services.


Working with a Marketing Company


Establishing your business in an international market is a daunting task, yet important in growing your company. That is why you must take help from a reliable and experienced marketing company. You will still be responsible for ensuring the quality of your product, but the marketing company can help boost your sales to an exponential level. Tiny tweaks like ad placement, knowing when to invest in Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads effectively, and pointing out the deficiencies in your marketing strategy for better results. Make sure that you are working upon a contract-based model. Moreover, highlight the goals that the marketing company must meet by the end of each term.


Look for Your Product’s Demand in the Target Country


The prime target audience for most e-commerce businesses is in countries like the US, UK, France, Germany, Scandinavian countries, China, Brazil, and the Netherlands. These countries are not only rich enough to afford the extra shipping and delivery costs but they also have a higher demand for the following products:


  • Clothes, shoes, and accessories
  • Beauty, skincare, and wellness products
  • Phones, gadgets, and other electronic devices
  • Watches and jewelry


If you do not have these items in your business, then do not despair. High-quality raw materials are also exported to manufacturers. On top of that China is the single largest exporter of basic items such as chairs, desks, and common household products – that is why a life-threatening pandemic could not even hinder their business. Thus, your product must meet international demand – either through competitive advantage or by a basic need that isn’t met in the home country. According to Arlington Research, 44% of people tried new brands during the pandemic – thus, curiosity, smart product pricing, good marketing, and a novel, and useful product is the cornerstone of a successful e-commerce business.


Be Mindful of What the International Clients Are Looking for in a Brand


A great way of establishing your business in any country is by making your product user-friendly. This also includes brand imaging as well as an equal representation of buyers. One of the reasons why Apple products are so widely popular is because they have included every country’s native language in their keyboard settings. Advertising in a country-specific language does not only boost brand image but it also pays respect to the customer as well as improves sales among people who do not speak or understand English – simultaneously increasing sales since most online businesses are only advertised in English. 


Most brands tend to overlook this aspect when reaching out to international clients – especially in countries in Japan, China, and South America.

Additionally, understand each country’s rules and regulations for shipping and taxes for a seamless experience. Knowing the legislature, customs, and hiring a translator will make it easier for you to ship and sell your products.


Have Clear-Cut Policies


Expanding your business online can be a tricky business when it comes to scammers and internet surfers. There have been several occasions where shoppers have abandoned their carts, refused to pay for their package once it has arrived at their doorstep, and returned products after opening the package. Having a clear-cut returns policy, advance payment, highlighting whether the delivery duty is paid or unpaid can save you the trouble later.


Finally, enjoy the process of making a product that meets everyone’s needs and keeps making necessary changes to it. You could have the best shipping and marketing strategies but the product should be worth it. 

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